10 Stocking Stuffers Yogis will LOVE

Are you filling up a stocking with goodies for someone who loves yoga? Or maybe just looking for a few small yoga gifts for yourself?

Chocolate and lottery tickets are hits with everyone, but the yoga-lover in your life might have some special desires when it comes to small gifts. Here are some ideas! 


  1. Yogalastics
  2. Mat Spray (either a natural antibacterial cleaning spray or a sticky spray such as Stay and Get a Grip)
  3. Aromatherapy - lots of yogis love to add scents to their practice. Lavender is particularly relaxing!
  4. A subscription to an online music streaming or yoga class portal
  5. A salt lamp 
  6. A luxury foot soak or cream
  7. A collection of herbal teas
  8. An eco friendly water bottle
  9. Cozy Socks
  10. This tree-pose cooke cutter

Of course, Yogalastics are our number #1 choice! After all, they are versatile, one-size fits all, inspiring and unique - not to mention functional! Save 20% off with promo code DOWNDOG. 

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