5 Peaceful Intentions To Start Your Day

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Setting an intention when you get up in the morning can be one of the most mindful ways to wake up. Discover these 5 peaceful intentions to start your day, and see how your mindset shift will enable peace in the world around you.

It's a great start to any daily routine and can center your mind before the world's chaos sets in. But what happens about 30 minutes later?

Yep, you got it. That beautiful and inspirational intention you set when you stepped on your yoga mat becomes a faint memory. It gets pushed aside and replaced with all the hustle of your day.

Now more than ever, it may be hard to quickly think of a meaningful intention, especially if you are setting it during a class. Your instructor tells you to set your intention, and a million emotions all rush your body. You really want to pick the right one!

But you grab a thought and go with it - only to completely forget about if by the time you're in your third down-dog! 

What if you could welcome the day prepared with an intention? One that you have thought through and dedicated your mindset to throughout the day--not just when you're standing on your yoga mat. 

So here are 5 peaceful intentions to consider before each day. 

I Am Light

If you are light in a dark place, you are bringing peace to those around you. When you set your intention to be light, you not only center yourself around peace, but you also project peace onto others.

I can't think of a more peaceful intention than being a light to yourself and everyone you know. How would your home look if you brought light to your family members?

Could your friends benefit from a peaceful light radiating near them?

If your intention is light, from the start of the day, think of all the dark thoughts you can drive out!

I Am Calm

Calm creates a centered peace to set your mind around. Setting your intention to find your inner calm allows you to see the world around you with clarity.

When you are calm, you are present. Presence brings the ability to actively engage and pursue peace. A calm mindset provides a focus on the task at hand.

If your intention is set to inner calm, your ability to create peace from a focused, centered mindset will remain strong.


I Am Love

Love is the greatest of all intentions. It is the one thing you can give freely and freely get in return. In its purest form, love can conquer all things.

So when you set your intention to love, you create a force in the universe that cannot be reckoned with. You create love, for yourself and for others.

Love tears down hate. Love tears down borders. Love tears down division. Whether seen or unseen, love defeats the enemies that threaten us all.

I Am Aware

Awareness as an intention establishes peace. When you are aware of how you feel, what's happening around you, and how you want to react, you can create peace.

Sticking your head in the sand does not bring peace. Awareness of yourself, your thoughts, and feelings allows you to take action. When your goal is peace, you will have a clear mindset allowing you to create peace.

Become aware, process the world around you, process your own feelings, and set your sites to send peace into the universe.

I Am Change

Mindful change is a powerful tool to set your intentions around. Look inward to discover the changes you can make to create peace.

You have to create peace within yourself before you can send peace out into the world. "I Am Change." What does that statement mean to you?

What can you release and change to make a peaceful impact in the world? Letting go of harmful thoughts or feelings can also increase your mood, boost your immune system, and decrease stress.

Stay True to Your Intention

These 5 peaceful intentions to start your day will set you on the track to bring love and comfort to yourself and those around you. You are responsible for the energy you project. When your mindset allows you to fully embody your intention, you will be able to spread that energy to those around you.

What a wonderful gift to give yourself and your loved ones!

Read more about setting intentions for yoga class here.

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