6 Ways to Make the Most of Yogalastics


Adding Yogalastics to your at-home or in-studio yoga routine is a mindful way to add intention to your yoga practice – on and off the mat. If you’ve decided to incorporate Yogalastics into your daily routine, here are some tips to help you really make the most of wearing your intention.

Start In the Morning: Set your intention for the day as the day begins, so you can stay mindful all day long – whether you are on your mat or going about your day.


Let The Universe Decide: If you’ve got an abundance of Yogalastics (Shop the Studio Collection here) consider putting them in a pretty jar or basket, then reaching in to select your intention for the day. Maybe the universe knows something you don't! 


Pair Them Up: If you’ve been wearing your intentions for a while, don’t forget you can mix and match. “I am Strong” takes on a whole new meaning when paired with “I am Calm.”


Meditate on Your Intention: Don’t just slip your Yogalastic on and rush out the door. Take a moment just for you! Find a comfortable position, settle in, and focus on pranayama for a few minutes to begin your mindful day. Inhale “I am,” and exhale your intention. Repeat several times and then sit in peace with your intention.


Add an Even: Think of Yogalastics as a beginning - a jumping off point - , and then add something on that is relevant to your day. I love to add the word “even” on to my intention. It looks like this:


I am Strong – even when I don’t know what’s next.

I am Calm – even when the kids are being wild.

I am Growing – even when I can’t see how right now.


Share Them With Your Community: Love is something that when you give it away, you end up having more, right? Same rule applies to mindful living. Share your Yogalastics with loved ones or with your community and talk about your intentions to bring them to life.


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