A Fall State of Mind | 6 Tips to Fall-ify Your Yoga Practice

Are you in a fall state of mind this year? We all know that pumpkin spice, fall mums, and leggings with boots can make us feel that fall-ish vibe. But how do you translate that into a yoga practice? I've got six tips to help you feel all the fall vibes next time you hit your mat - whether you are practicing at home or planning an amazing fall yoga retreat, I hope these tips help you!

Fall-ify your yoga practice

1. Notice how fall is full of transitions, then find those transitions in your yoga practice. For example, the space between poses can be just as transformative as the pose itself. Pay extra special attention to those between-the-pose moments, attempting to move mindfully from one asana to the next in a meditative state. 

2. Fall is a prepatory time in nature, as small woodland creatures gather nuts and seeds to sustain them through winter. What can you do this fall to sustain you through the colder months? Consider fall a "back to school" time and spend time learning, delving deep into yoga through extra workshops or online courses (there are a wealth of them available these days!). Or just pick a pose and really learn everything you can about that posture. Consider learning about other parts of yoga, such as the yamas and the niyamas. Gather your tools so you can nourish yourself in times to come. 


3. Allow nature to inspire you - even when it's a bit cool outside, why not bring your mat outdoors? Ditch the spotify and let the sounds of nature soothe you and bring you to a higher state of consciousness as you become one with nature. 

4. Let it go. There is a saying I love -  "Nature is about to show us how beautiful it can be to let things go." As the leaves fall from the tree, so too can you let sh*t go! In Max Ehrman's Desiderata, one of my favorite pieces, he says "Gracefully surrendering the things of youth," and that reminds me that we can let go of how our bodies used to be, let go of expectation, let go of comparison (it is the thief of joy), let go of anything that is not serving you right in this moment. Give yourself permission to set aside anything that is bothering you as you practice - it will be there for you later. Let go of inner criticism and just enjoy the postures. What can you let go of?

5. Fall into postures. I love to focus on folding in the cooler months. Let your torso really drape over your legs in seated forward bending poses. Inhale a little and find a bit more length in the spine and then allow yourself to fall completely over your legs. 

6. Set a fall intention - if you know me, you knew I would get here eventually, haha! I am all about intentions and affirmations. Setting an intention is such a powerful way to live with mindfulness. They will keep your grounded and growing this fall. Set an intention at the beginning of your task - whether it is first thing in the morning, right before a yoga practice, or even before you take on a difficult or challenging part of the day. My fall intention: I am grateful the for little things, and I am growing in every way. 


I hope you found these fall yoga tips encouraging! I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or on any of the Yogalastics social media. Want to save 20% on your order? Use code IAMREADY. 





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