Setting an Intention

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Before every yoga practice we being by setting an intention. How do you choose an intention? In yoga we focus on the "I am," because we live in the present - we are not focusing on the future or the past. But how do you choose an intention? Think about what is going on in your life. What do you need? 

Well, what is an intention anyway? It is a word, sound or a phrase that you repeat in your mind while meditating or while practicing yoga. It can also be helpful to repeat these words when you want to remain calm throughout the day - maybe when you're stuck in traffic, feeling anxious, or wanting to calm your nerves. Some people select a word or phrase that becomes comforting, while others may want a different one depending on the day. 

I am strong.

I am love. 

I am okay.

I am ready.

I am calm. 

Working with an intention can help build feelings of empowerment, happiness, calmness, and an overall feeling of contentment. 

What intentions/affirmations have you found to be most helpful and empowering? Yogalastics can help you set an intention, and remind you what it is throughout the yoga practice and the day. 

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