Grow Your Instagram: 20 Tips Just for Yogis (Updated SEPT 2020)

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20 Instagram Tips for Yogis



You’ve seen the tips before – use hashtags, post consistently, and create highly-visual content. But as a yogi in the world of Instagram, you have a special set of needs – and luckily, a very special community!

Maybe you’ve been on Instagram for a long time and want to freshen up your presence and gain followers, or perhaps due to COVID19, you’re suddenly realizing that an online presence is more necessary than ever before.

Growing an online platform is so important – and you can use Instagram to both connect with your current community and create a new one! Here are 20 - yes, 20! - tips that are extra relevant these days, crafted especially for yogis! I hope you find them helpful. 

First let’s take care of some logistical matters. Stop reading and make sure your account settings are set to public.  Great. You’re ready to get started on my Yogi Instagram Tips


Maintain Your Bio


  1. Pop over to your bio. This is a true key to your Instagram presence!  It's like a sneaky little advertisement that lots of people just skim over.  Potential followers head straight here to see who you are and what you’re all about, so make the most of it! A clear message of who you are, where you’re based, a link to your website (perhaps straight to a specific landing page where you want to send viewers). Be sure that you have a keyword (such as yoga) right in your name and bio. Keep your Bio up-to-date – and don’t be afraid to update it often to reflect current offerings.


  1. Have a niche – something that is unique to you, and thread it through your posts. This can be a color combination, a specific look, or distinctive way of looking at the world. Stay consistent.



Get Following


  1. Follow accounts similar to yours, and check out who they are following / who is following them. This is a great way to build up your online community. You can also grow your presence by commenting on accounts you really enjoy. To take full advantage of this, click on the “…” at the top right of a post, and click “Turn on post notifications.” You’ll be notified when the account posts new content, and you can then hop right over to comment.


  1. Get to know your community! Follow similar accounts, comment, share and chat! Don’t be shy. This is ultimately the most important tip. Ideally, you will find that by partaking in these features, you will not only grow your community, you’ll also actually feel a connection with these accounts that is emotionally and socially rewarding.


  1. Partake in challenges. It’s a great way to get to “meet” other yogis. Don’t be afraid to jump right in. Look up #yogachallenges and find one that speaks to you. To learn more about yoga challenges – a unique way that the yoga community interacts – read my article here about yoga challenges.


Speak to the Algorithm


  1. Use all of Instagram features – from posting pics, to stories and “going live.” There's a new kid in town too - don't be afraid to try the new Tik-Tok style in Instagram called Reels!  Use stickers, interact online for about 15 minutes before and after posting an image. All these little usage traits will make the little robots running Instagram happy and push your posts even higher up!


  1. Geo-Tag your posts – wherever you are, tag it! That way, if future visitors of that location search it, your post will come up. If they connect with your imagery, they might just follow you.



  1. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag – Instagram gives you up to 30 chances to connect with new audiences so use hashtags! Lots of people follow hashtags while they are on Instagram. You might consider putting your hashtags in the first comment rather than your original post just to keep it looking clean. Girlfriend – or dude – you want to research these! Don’t fly by the seat of your yoga pants. Ideally, you’ll have a few different groupings of hashtags in the notes section of your phone. A quick google will tell you what hashtags are currently trending. You do not want to use the same ones every single time. Get creative. Use a few “classic hashtags,” (such as #yoga, #yogi), these are large scale. Then you want to pick a few unique, micro-hashtags. Next you want a few that will grab some people from outside of our little yoga bubble. Tag a location, mention the season/weather/day of the week, etc. Keep a few groupings of hashtags in your phone for quick reference and utilization. 

NEW TIP: I've heard online to only use hashtags with less than 7,000 uses - not sure if it's a myth or a legend but might be worth trying!


  1. Hashtag your stories too – with invisible ink! This is such a cool little trick. What you’ll do is get the pic ready that you want to showcase, then go to the text tool. Type in your hashtag – ie. #yogalastics, and then use the color dropper tool to pic a spot in the picture (usually the sky or grass). This will turn your text that color. Now you are going to make your hashtag very small and move it so it is right on top of that color. Voila! You’ve camouflaged your hashtag in your story.



  1. Comment – Instagram algorithm will let more people see your posts when your posts are getting lots of interaction – and that means comments with at least 4 words. The good news? Your own comments are included! So, if someone responds to your post, write back! Don’t just put a heart emoji – make an effort to truly communicate!


  1. Don’t play the follow/unfollow game. Find yogis you connect with and follow them, but don’t unfollow right away. That really doesn’t seem very yogi like! Sure, you can go through and clean up your account and unfollow accounts that you don’t enjoy anymore, but don’t unfollow or bother with fancy apps for unfollowing people.



  1. Don’t get caught up in the numbers – but do set a goal! We are yogis. We are not going to obsess about how many likes each post gets, or how many people are following us. However, you are likely growing your social media presence in order to earn a living and (repeat after me) there is nothing wrong with wanting a strong (and abundant!) presence. So – if you set a goal to get to 1000 followers, then that just means you need to interact, collaborate, communicate, and share – but don’t let your ego get in your way!


  1. Join Facebook groups for like-minded yogis and share your insta account when appropriate. To share your account, simply type it like this: Or, go to your Instagram account and share a specific post which will add a nice image to your comment.



Keep It Pretty


  1. Use a line-break app – keep your posts looking clean and easy to read. I like to use – it allows you to copy and paste your text right in, add the line breaks where you want them, and then you can copy the new pretty text into your Instagram caption!



  1. Use current photos! Don’t post old images time and time again. Instead, keep it current, relevant, and authentic. Let your true spirit shine through. People will connect with you for who you are on the inside! But, at the same time, focus the account. For example, I rarely post photos of my children or travel on my business page.


It’s Business, Baby


  1. Track It! If you noticed you have a lot more excitement from followers when you post about a certain subject, or in a certain style, you might want to lean into it. Keep track of which posts do well. 


  1. Schedule It! Consider making a calendar plan of what you’ll post and when. This will help you plan your content. Be sure to take holidays and events into consideration. You may also wish to utilize a scheduling app to do your posts for you, but remember that what Instagram really hearts is interaction.


  1. Leverage your other accounts. If you have a personal account, a studio account, or another account you manage, share your content across various media channels. You can even comment from other posts to help keep your posts visible. 


  1. Call to Action! From time to time, engage with your followers by asking questions, ask them to tag a friend, or suggest they follow the link in your bio.
  1. Meet Your Audience where they are. If you are hosting community yoga classes, you’ll want to really focus on engaging with your local business community. Is your target market even utilizing Instagram, or would you be better off finding them in neighborhood apps or on Facebook (a likely trend is that younger yogis are on instagram and older participants are on Facebook or other areas like Next-door or local publications. Or, do you have a unique niche, such as yoga for athletes, which makes it important to not only follow yoga accounts but also athletic accounts?


I hope you find these Instagram tips useful and helpful in growing your community! 


I am owner of Yogalastics, and I also have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. I enjoy helping community grow and occasionally post blogposts that I think will be helpful to yogis. Please sign up for e-mail updates to stay connected. And of course – (final tip – don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you!) follow me on Instagram here.  I would love to grow with you. 

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If you find these tips helpful, I would love to hear from you in the comment below or via social media! 

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