How To Stay Calm When The World Is Upside Down

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How do you stay calm when not only your own life, but the world is upside down? 

Written by Laura Baumann

As I was writing about setting an intention instead of resolutions, the Coronavirus hit and took all my attention. This time it wasn’t my writer’s block and never-ending perfectionism that stopped me from writing.

It’s been the topic of every conversation and for many, our lives as we know it, stopped. It will never be the same again. It’s starting to sink in.

I’ll admit that I was in denial and wishfully thinking it would blow over. But it didn’t. It’s been a slow, steady wave that can’t be contained yet. A wave that affects everyone in one way or another. Where is it going? How will life be after this? 

Health and wellness


We’ve entered a new decade and boy, what a way to start.


As I tried to gather myself, one thing became clear. I need to focus on what matters. What matters to me is, health. My focus and mission have become clearer and much more urgent. 


I’ve always felt very passionate about health and wellness. Even more so after my daughter was born. There’s nothing like the fear of not being able to take care of my child or my child being sick.


This fear is the one thing that I often struggle with. To the point of an upset stomach and over-consuming, anxious thoughts. I can only control our health so much with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Not having control scares my inner control freak. But when I feel this way, I always turn to my yoga, meditation and mindset practice. It’s where I can come home and find peace in the midst of chaos.



Every day I set an intention. Intentions can be powerful and should not be confused with New Year's resolutions. Even though there's something magical about creating positive changes during a new beginning... Let's be honest, how many of us are still sticking to their epic New Year's resolutions? Once that new year's buzz wears off, old habits creep back in. I sure have been guilty of this! But we don't need fireworks to create positive changes! Or a scary virus...



What is the difference between an intention and resolution? 


An intention is to aim or to plan for something, usually according to your heart’s desire. It’s basically finding focus and prioritizing from a positive place. To me, it feels less judgmental and more fluid, than a resolution. 

 A resolution is usually a specific goal to change bad habits. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change bad habits! But you need a good dose of willpower to start new habits.

This is why I think that new habits are best formed with small and consistent steps. When I break my resolution to, let’s say, not eat sweets, it feels like a failure. The feeling of failure is not always the best motivator, in trying to kick a bad habit.

 But intentions are more forgiving. It can happen that we fall off course due to unforeseen situations that would spiral us right back into our comforting bad habits. 

A gentle reminder of what our initial intention was, can help us navigate rocky waters, without feeling bad or guilty that we lost track.


How do you set an intention that works?

You can set your intention right now for today! In my personal experience, it’s best to take a moment to breathe and take the focus off my thoughts. I ask myself what I’d like to focus on today. Or what my priorities are. Then I let it arise. It’s a sensation that just clicks for me.


When is the best time to set an intention?

The best time to set an intention, is in the morning. Preferably as soon as you wake up, before your day starts. Before you get distracted by your phone and busy life. The mornings are golden to set intentions and start your day on a positive note.


If you meditate or practice yoga you can set your intention before or after you start your session. 

1.You can set an intention by focusing on how you'd like to feel. 

Choose a feeling such as: calm, peaceful, balanced, joyful, compassionate, focused, successful, positive, clear, creative, strong, confident or grateful.


I'm a big fan of short and simple intentions. It is easy to remember and just less overwhelming. 


2.You can also set an intention based on a bigger goal. 


If you, for example, are you trying to lose weight or exercise more, then choose a word like: 

  • Health
  • Exercise

Or phrase it:

  • “I always make healthy choices.”
  • “My health is my priority.”


Or if you'd like to feel more abundant and successful, choose:

  • Abundance
  • Success
  • Gratitude
  • Joy

Or phrase it:

  • “I feel abundant and life supports me.”
  • “I’m successful in every area of my life.”
  • “I feel grateful for everything I have.”
  • “I find joy in every moment.”

Peace in the midst of chaos

In conclusion, intentions are great ways to feel calm and clear when life throws a curveball. So that we can act constructively instead of from a place of fear and stress.

You can write it down on a Sticky-note and place it where you often see it as a gentle reminder. 

At the end of the day, do a short, little check-in with yourself. Reflect back to see how it went, without any judgement. Just take note. Then celebrate little wins. And remember, tomorrow is a new day to try again and to set new intentions.


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