12 Ways To Add Mindfulness to Your Yoga Studio with Yogalastics


Looking for some fun and unique ways to incorporate mindfulness and Yogalastics into your yoga studio? We’ve got you covered...You can order The Intentional Studio Collection here.

While planning your event, remember that Yogalastics are:

            -Light & small so they mail easily!

            -One size fits all – no awkward wondering what size someone is

            -Cost effective

            -Unique and Yoga-Inspired

            -Available in on-trend, seasonal colors

            -Mindful and more than just an accessory

            -Yogini designed in Erie, PA.

There are so many fun ways you can include Yogalastics in your event! Here are a few thoughts to get your creative juices flowing - we would LOVE to hear what you end up doing and don't forget to tag @yogalastics in your social media posts to be featured. 


  1. Emergency hair tie solution: Have a pretty basket of Yogalastics available for the forgetful yogis in your classes who need a sudden hair solution. 


  1. Boutique item: Sell Yogalastics as an add on item – perfect for members who have an account on file to grab a special intention before class. We recommend a price point of $3-$4 per item. 


  1. Pass them out in the beginning of class: I use them to place and distance yoga mat spots during this socially distant time. Then, ask students to focus on their intention throughout the class.

  1. Share them at a retreat or special event: Paying participants love having a little take-home item to remember the workshop by! Beginning or ending a special yoga event with Yogalastics is an inspiring way to add a small token of appreciation, gratitude and love for your students. On a recent camping yoga retreat, this yoga studio presented their participants with water bottles decorated with Yogalastics and it was an inspiring ice-breaker for everyone involved!

  1. Spring into Spring The new Fall Collection lends itself perfectly to special event - and I've got it all planned out for you! Hiking With Intention - Have participants begin by setting an intention, then enjoy an outdoor yoga class together and a spring hike - with a moment for some warm tea or refreshing lemon water and some intention meditation amidst the new spring growth. 


  1. Host a special workshop about setting intentions: Dive right in! Host your own “Intentional Living,” workshop in your studio. A two hour yoga program might look like 30 minutes of talking about intentions, 1 hour of yoga flow, followed by 15 minutes of meditation and 15 minutes of closing circle. Of course, each student receives some Yogalastics so they can “wear their intention.” 


  1. Have teachers wear them – and base a theme around the intention. Every great yoga class has a theme expertly woven in between asanas. Sharing Yogalastics with your yoga studio teachers is an amazing way to inspire them to create a theme – then wear their Yogalastic to class and discuss it with their students.


  1. Giveaway Time! Use Yogalastics as a prize for completing a studio yoga challenge, such as 20 yoga classes in 30 days.
  1. Mail Them! Remember good old fashioned mail? If you haven’t seen your yogis in person for a while, why not send a little hand-written card with a Yogalastic tucked in to let them know you miss seeing them in the studio. It’s also a great way to thank students for attending Zoom classes regularly
  2.  Yoga Retreat: Help attendees get excited about their upcoming yoga getaway by including some Yogalastics with their event materials
  3. Holiday Gifts Yogalastics are the most mindful stocking stuffers or birthday gifts! They are also perfect for favorite thing parties, staff gifts, exchanges, or gift exchanges or ‘just because you’re awesome!” gifts.
  4. Shower Prenatal Yoga Moms with Love: Yogalastics are the perfect mindfulness accessory for new mothers. Not only are they grounding and inspiring, no bumpy edges or metals make them perfect for snuggling newborns. Keep them on hand to give to the moms in your prenatal classes when they welcome their new little ones! 


I hope this post gave you some fresh ideas for incorporating mindfulness, intention, and Yogalastics into your studio. I would love to help you add Yogalastics to your special event or studio, please reach out if I can be of any assistance!  The Studio Collection is available here. 


 Jasmine Almeida

(Owner & Chief Yogi at Yogalastics)





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