Setting Your Personal Affirmation

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As the seasons change, a yogi’s focus often changes to new beginnings. After all, as we see new births and growth in nature around us, it is only natural that we might feel those same stirrings within.


Some mantras for the changing of the season are:


I am growing


I am evolving


I am alive!


I am refreshed.


Try repeating one on an inhale, and another on an exhale.

Aside from repeating a mantra, we might also set a goal for the new season. Try looking beyond the realm of the physical asana, and set an intention inward. For example, you might decide to be more mindful, to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, or to work on breaking a "samskara," those negative emotions which we cycle through time and time again(Yogapedia's definition of a samskara is

"In Indian and yogic philosophy, samskaras are the mental impressions left by all thoughts, actions and intents that an individual has ever experienced. They can be thought of as psychological imprints. They are below the level of normal consciousness and are said to be the root of all impulses, as well as our innate dispositions.

Through yogic practices, such as meditation, it is possible to look within and come into contact with one's inner samskaras, below the threshold of consciousness. Samskaras are considered to be evidence of rebirth and the root of both our pleasurable and painful experiences."

We would love to hear how setting an intention has worked for you, as the season turns to spring! Are you setting yourself up for regrowth, rebirth, or meditating on a personal samskara?


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