So You Want to Join a Yoga Challenge: 10 TIPS from Yogalastics Owner Jasmine Almeida

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So You Want to Join a Yoga Challenge: 10 TIPS


A yoga friend recently approached me and asking me to be her co-host a yoga challenge on Instagram. As I’ve recently begun my own company, Yogalastics, I decided it would be a fun experience. If you’re new to the world of yoga on Instagram, yoga challenges are a unique way that the yogis of Instagram collaborates and creates a sense of  community together. Challenges typically have hosts and sponsors – in this case, as a product-based business called Yogalastics and a yogi, I was essentially a host and a sponsor! It is also a fun way to gain new followers on this social media platform for my Yogalastics business since I love sharing my product with other yogis since I honestly think it adds so much intention to my day. And now I’m going to share some tips and secrets for you, whether you are hosting, sponsoring, or participating in a yoga challenge!


Why participate? At its core, a yoga challenge is a fun way to interact with community. People who want to participate simply post a picture each day, following a prompt given in advance by the host. All the pictures are tagged and hashtagged with the challenge hashtag. In many cases, participants dive into their own creativity by choosing what pose they’ll showcase. In other challenges, the pose guidelines are a bit firmer. Participants then comment on one another’s posts and get to know one another, learning and inspiring as they go. It is a truly wonderful and unique way to use social media!


Yoga challenges may be utilized to increase brand awareness, or to raise awareness for a specific cause. You might join a challenge to journey deeper into your own practice by learning new and different yoga flows. Some are silly (yoga with pets, anyone!?), some are spiritual and some are challenging. The challenge that I begain with, we called #posesforpositivitychallenge and we used the sayings I feature on my line of vinyasa proof hair ties, Yogalastics as inspiration. Here’s a peek at our flyer (it will likely be outdated by the time you read this, but just as an example).


 It’s all up to you, dear yogi! You can even do two at the same time.


How to Participate in a Yoga Challenge

  1. Search the hashtag #yogachallenge to find fun and exciting challenges that are starting soon. Don’t be afraid to jump in and join a challenge, even if you don’t personally know the people hosting! Start by picking a challenge that will meet you where you’re at – for example, a handstand challenge might not be ideal for a novice. I found that following was a great way to find new challenges!
  2. Read the rules carefully and follow them! Be sure to follow and tag as indicated. Otherwise you might not engage fully in the challenge – and if there’s prizes you may not be eligible! Grab a screenshot of the flyer or post it to your own page so you can refer back to it often. You may even want to print off a picture of it and have it up on the wall near where you practice!
  3. Follow the challenge hashtag – this will allow you to see when other yogis post!
  4. Make a plan: Pick the posts you’ll be doing in advance, at least loosely. This will give you a bit of a guide, and you won’t use one pose on an early day that would be better suited to later on in the challenge!
  5. Don’t be Intimidated. Let’s be honest, a lot of yoga posts should be filed under body contortion! Personally I feel most inspired when I see real live yogis – with real live bodies – doing real live posts. Be sure to follow people on social media who make you feel better about yourself – not worse! There’s nothing wrong with being flexible or looking amazing, but just a reminder – your feed is your choice! Don’t walk away from social media feeling like you aren’t enough.
  6. Step up your photography skills. Either use a timer on your phone, bribe a child to snap a pic (my 6 year old is an accomplished photographer and member of my media team at this point!), or take a video then screen shot your poses from there.
  7. Check in With Your Ego – Are you worried that posting images of yourself on a platform like Instagram goes against some yogic principles? I think as long as you are doing it from a place of learning and sharing, you can share fully on social media. Like anything else, intention is everything! Take a moment to mediate on your intention. 
  8. Get Creative. Take your poses to a new level and don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and do something completely different for your photo!
  9. Interact with others and make connections. Be sure to follow and comment on other yogis, you’ll get so much more out of the challenge! Find inspiration from other yogis and encourage others as you go through the challenge.
  10. Learn and Grow! You’ll be so motivated after seeing how other people in the challenge interpret the different prompts. You might find a new resource, new ways to challenge your body and mind, and come away from the challenge with a sense of completion.


I had so much fun doing my first yoga challenge, both as a participant and a sponsor! Special shout-out to my friend who I co-hosted with, you can follow her at

It was great motivation to get up every day and get dressed in my yoga clothes. I loved connecting with other yogis, growing my community and learning some new ideas. It also gave me the confidence to participate in other challenges, which I will definitely be doing as time goes on! I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.


To all you yoga challengers, (even if you haven't started yet!) please use the code CHALLENGER to save 10% off your Yogalastics order! This is a small business I started myself out of a desire to wear my yoga intention off the mat. 


Peace, peace, peace.




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