About Yogalastics

Setting an intention before a yoga class can be a powerful way to stay present and focused throughout your practice. In yoga, we focus on the present. We create a clear statement which we can return to time and time again, keeping our mind focused. But sometimes, these thoughts can be fleeting. Sometimes, by the time we're in Warrior 2, we've already forgotten that powerful intention we set at the beginning of class! 

Each Yogalastic has a positive yoga mantra printed on it. You can pick the one that speaks to you- or, as we like to do, throw them all in a mason jar and pick out one randomly! Take a look at it, remember it, and use it to throw your hair in a ponytail, tying the yogalastic at your head chakra - a powerful way to "wear your intention." Or, place the yogalastic on your wrist to remind you of your intention as you go off your mat and into the day. 

Wear Your Intention. Yogalastics are vinyasa-proof hair ties with inspiring mantras, yogini designed in Erie, PA.