The Intentional Studio Collection

The Intentional Studio Collection

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Yogalastics are now available at a special discounted price for your yoga studio or special event! This grab bag is full of 50 mixed Yogalastics. Your studio is a high-vibration zone full of good energy and intention - Yogalastics allow students to carry that fresh-off-the-mat feeling with them all day long! E-mail with any special requests!

You'll receive a mixed grab bag of current Yogalastics. There will be several of each intention (to be clear, it is not 50 different colors/intentions). Yogalastics may vary slightly from what is shown. 


A few ideas...

*Give as a mindful gift to your students and teachers

*Have available at front desk for emergency hair ties as either a freebie or a boutique sale item ($3.50 each)

*Offer as a unique accessory during retreats, hikes, workshops, and classes - students love to have a small token to bring home! 

*Include in teacher trainings

*Have students select one without peeking to add a twist on selecting an intention during class - allow the universe to decide! 

*Or of course, just keep the bag at home as your own little luxury and wear one every day! 

Share your love of intentional living with your community! 

The Fine Print:

Please note, Yogalastics will arrive packaged in bag as shown;  You will receive a mixed bag of 50 Yogalastics. We currently have 8 different intentions in stock so you'll receive several of each one, not 50 completely different styles. If you would like 50 cards to put the Yogalastics on, or bulk Yogalastics, we can do that too! Just e-mail 


Current Intentions include: I am Enough, I am Joy, I am Love, I am Strong, I am Calm, I am Capable, I am Fierce, I am Present, Inhale/Exhale


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