The Studio Collection | Bulk Bag - SOLD OUT!!
The Studio Collection | Bulk Bag - SOLD OUT!!

The Studio Collection | Bulk Bag - SOLD OUT!!

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Yogalastics are now available at a special discounted price for your yoga studio or special event! This grab bag is full of 50 mixed Yogalastics. Your studio is a high-vibration zone full of good energy and intention - Yogalastics allow students to carry that fresh-off-the-mat feeling with them all day long! 

You'll receive a mixed grab bag but at least one of every intention currently in stock. There will be several of each intention (to be clear, it is not 50 different colors/intentions). 


A few ideas...

*Give as a mindful gift to your students and teachers

*Have available at front desk for emergency hair ties as either a freebie or a boutique sale item ($1 - $2)

*Offer as a unique accessory during retreats, workshops, and classes - students love to have a small token to bring home! 

*Include in teacher trainings

*Have students select one without peeking to add a twist on selecting an intention during class - allow the universe to decide! 

*Or of course, just keep the bag at home as your own little luxury and wear one every day! 

Share your love of intentional living with your community! 

The Fine Print:

Please note, Yogalastics will arrive packaged in bag as shown; card is shown here only to showcase the various intentions you will receive! You will receive a mixed bag of 50 Yogalastics. We currently have 8 different intentions in stock so you'll receive several of each one, not 50 completely different styles. 



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